“A dynamo who beautifully pours out passion and fire onstage”

– from a feature article by Rohan Preston, Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN

In Figaro with Theatre de la Jeune Lune:

Momoko Tanno is a brash, lovely and enchantingly melodic Susanna”

– Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

“When a young Susanna (Momoko Tanno) rises from Figaro's bed and shows off her sweet soprano voice for the first time, she takes your breath away.”

– Stephen West, Bloomberg.com

“The performers are, quite simply, incredible. Momoko Tanno as the young Susanna is spry and charming.”

– Nirmala Nataraj, SFStation.com

“As Susanna, Tanno -- is the perfect soubrette, with a voice that leaps effortlessly into the rafters.”

– Sandy Macdonald, TheaterMania.com

“Lush soprano Momoko Tanno is a charming Susanna”

Carolyn Clay, The Phoenix

Momoko Tanno is a lively Susanna, fending off the Count's advances.”

– Sam Hurwitt, East Bay Express

“Here, Momoko Tanno plays the pivotal role with fire and scrappiness. Her performance reminds us that in Mozart's opera, and the Beaumarchais play that was its source, the lower orders outshone their ostensible betters.”

- Quinton Skinner, City Pages, Minneapolis, MN

“The Count's target is young Susanna, beautifully sung by soprano Momoko Tanno.”

- Elizabeth Weir, Talkin’ Broadway

Tanno finds both darkness and coquettishness in Susanna.”

- Rohan Preston, Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN

Momoko Tanno brings a strong and tender sensibility to her performance of Susanna."

- Ed Felien, Pulse of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN

In Don Juan Giovanni with Theatre de la Jeune Lune:

“She delivers a revenge aria with such startling skill and ferocity (as Donna Anna)”

– Rohan Preston, Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN

In Walleye Kid – The Musical with Mu Performing Arts:

Momoko Tanno lends a world-class voice as Annie's spiritual guide (Omani).”

- Graydon Royce, Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN

In M. Butterfly with Guthrie Theater

“Soprano Momoko Tanno is striking.”

– Rohan Preston, Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN